Tennis Elbow: Fast Track Your Healing

Tennis elbow (officially known as Lateral Epicondylagia) is a common complaint, especially in middle age and causes an annoying discomfort in the elbow. 

It is associated with ongoing pain and disability in a substantial proportion of sufferers.

Although many tennis players may experience this condition, most cases are associated with work-related activities or have no obvious precipitating event.

First line treatment for tennis elbow consists of:

  • topical and oral anti-inflammatory drugs
  • ice application
  • use of an elbow brace
  • Physio - stretching, massage, ultrasound

If the first-line treatment fails, a more invasive, second-line treatments are offered and include:

  • corticosteroid injections
  • surgery (very rare - if all else fails)

Corticosteroid injections, while giving effective short term relief, tend to wear off after 6-12 months, and the pain can return, (often worse than before). 

The problem also with cortisone injections is they tend to weaken the tendons in the elbow, greatly increasing the risk of future overload.


Dry Needling is a newer form of treatment for tennis elbow, and this new study took 110 people with tennis elbow and evaluated two treatments. 

One group received dry needling and other group received anti-inflammatory medication (Ibuprofen 100mg x 2 day) and a brace. 

The patients were evaluated after three weeks and six months.


Although both treatment methods were effective at three weeks, dry needling was significantly more effective than the first-line treatment at six months.


Because of the low complication rate, dry needling is a safe method, and it might be an effective treatment option for tennis elbow.

At Kinfolk Physio & Wellness, in addition to specialising in dry needling, we also take a holistic view of your movement and set you up with a personliased home exercise program that maintains flexibility and builds strength and capacity, to give the best long term solution.

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