6 Minutes To A Supple Spine

There are many options out there for addressing back pain.

But the one approach that has the best scientific support is exercise ✅

We are taught early on how to care for our teeth to prevent tooth decay.

But no one ever told us how to take care of our spines 🤔

Unfortunately this can lead to ongoing spot fires 🔥 and niggles, as the underlying issues aren't being addressed.

Below you'll find a short 6 minute set of exercises - that you can do once or twice per day to keep your spine healthy, supple and strong 👇

We have our own strengths and weaknesses so getting a personal assessment / set of exercises from your Physio would be best, but this would be a pretty good start.

Let me know how you go in the comments and please tag anyone you know who might benefit 🙌

Prevention is better than cure!

Here’s an outline of the moves:

  • Heel taps

  • Bridge

  • Single leg bridge

  • Hip abduction, clams

  • Side plank

  • Plank

  • Cat-cow

  • Superman

  • Child’s pose

  • Pigeon pose

  • Thoracic foam roller

  • Hip flexor stretch

The solution to keeping your spine healthy lies in finding the balance of mobility and stability.

Each part of our body has a specific function (as the picture below shows).


This is know as the joint by joint approach.

Focusing on the giving what the body what it needs will lead to more efficient movement and a suppleness that you will leave you feeling energized and strong.

Research has showed that people who just focus only on stretching only had a higher incidence of lower back pain.

And people who focused only on strengthening (e.g machine based weights at the gym) had a higher incidence of back pain.

So this set of exercises has been specifically formulated to switch on the deep core stabilisers and creating mobility in the hips and back.

Doing this regularly will certainly help keep your spine supple and strong.

Let me know how you go in the comments.

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