Collaborative + Educational

We believe in a patient centered and individualized treatment approach.  We work with you and your health care team to achieve your goals and get you moving and feeling better.

A big part of our approach is education and giving you the knowledge to overcome your injury.  When you understand what's going on, we think you are more motivated to achieve your health goals.  

We empower you with all of the tools you need to help yourself. 


Our unique manual therapy techniques bring rapid and sometimes astonishing results.  You will feel completely relaxed in our modern and peaceful clinic.  We use myo-fascial trigger point release massage, dry needling and gentle joint manipulation to improve flexibility, decrease pain and speed the healing process.

Our treatment is based specifically on observing your individual movement patterns and looking for the 'key link' that is responsible for your symptoms. 

You may be surprised as we 'connect the dots' and see how past pain and injuries can limit the body's ability for self-healing.   

We are a results based clinic.  If you are not seeing significant improvements in 3-4 sessions we'll refer you to someone can help you.


Our goal is to keep you moving and doing what you love naturally and free from pain killers.  Our goal with every patient is to quickly identify the true cause of your symptoms and then apply specific manual therapy techniques to get you feeling better straight away.  Our treatments are always 1:1 with the Physiotherapist.


On time appointments!  If we keep you waiting more than 15 minutes your treatment is free.  We are 100% committed to your wellbeing and recovery.  On your first session, we provide you with a written treatment plan with home exercises and advice.  We are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  


Over 2 million years, the human DNA has thrived on outdoor movement with a strong connection with nature.  The last 200 years has seen our way of live completely transformed into the digital age resulting in a mis-match between what are we are doing vs what we are designed for.

This has had a strong influence on our bodies and we see the results of chronic muscle and joint imbalances in our clinic.  We believe your lifestyle plays a large role in your health.  Recommended reading: The Story Of The Human Body, Daniel Liberman

Health Optimisation

After pain has been addressed, we focus on restoring core strength, endurance and reinforcing good movement patterns.  This is an important part of rehabilitation and helps you to return to your specific functional goal e.g. sport or work safely.  Our goal is to develop resilience so you feel confident that you will never have to repeat the same injury again.

During your appointment we will show you how to do specific home exercises to help your condition.  It will be your responsibility to get them done.

Evidence Based

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession.  This means we are continually updating and refining our knowledge based on the evolving scientific understanding of the body.  We attend conferences, stay up to date with current literature and continually strive to improve our skills to give you the best experience possible.  Read our blog here.

Community Minded

We offer regular, affordable workshops and Pilates classes to help educate and empower you.  We also hold weekly outdoors exercise classes around Adelaide.  You can also attend Foam Roller and Running Workshops that help you move and feel your best.

We have an extensive network of top quality health professionals that we work with, to get YOU the best possible outcome.