Want to run faster with fewer injuries?

To enjoy running and stay injury free, a foundation of good quality movement is required - before you begin to build a base and increase your capacity.  As Physiotherapists working with runners everyday in the clinic, we see the toll that running can place on the body.

When the demand on your tissues exceeds your capacity, your body starts to compensate, becomes overloaded and finally breaks down.  Pain and injuries can hamper your training and lead to serious long term problems with your muscles, tendons and joints.  

To escape the 'boom/bust' cycle of pain and injury, a long term approach to building resilience is needed.  Time and patience is required  as you undertake a step-by-step process, allowing time for adaptation in the tissues.  

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Specifically targeted towards runners of all abilities, this workshop series will equip you with a wide range of techniques to:

  • enhance relaxation

  • improve breathing efficiency

  • optimize flexibility

  • increase core strength

  • improve resilience in tissues

  • run efficiently with less wear and tear on your body

  • learn about the most common running injuries and how to prevent them

This is a small group format so you will get lots of personal attention and enjoy a rich learning experience packed with good information to help you run injury-free for the rest of your life.


Whether your goal is a marathon, a half marathon or just beating your Parkrun mates on Saturday morning, this workshop has you covered!


Topics Covered:

  • Breathing, Relaxation, Flexibility

  • Core Strength for runners

  • Eccentric leg strength to improve capacity

  • Improving Efficiency - tips and tricks to run faster with less effort

  • Load management strategies

  • Detailed Half-marathon and marathon training plans



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Who Is It For:

Anyone who is interested in improving their running efficiency and help prevent injuries. 

Suitable for all runners and anyone wanting to build their running foundation for their particular sport e.g. AFL, soccer e.t.c as learning to run better and more efficiently will help you get better at your sport.

Who Is Running It:

Physiotherapist Daniel O'Grady


2019 Dates:

  • Sunday May 5th 2019 (1pm-4pm) - Clare Cross Fit 5451

  • Invite Dan to to bring the Running Workshop to your sports club/gym (interstate /internationally considered)…contact dan@kinfolkwellness.com.au

Use Our Online Booking System —> Click Book Online —> Group Sessions —> Running Workshops —> Select The Resilient Runner Workshop —> Scroll across to the relevant month —> Click on that date/time and enter your details5


$99 per person for small group workshop

Workshop includes:

  • E-book valued at $30, 'The Resilient Runner - A Physiotherapists Guide To Running Injury Free'

  • exercises uploaded to your smartphone via a free App so you can continue at home

  • phone/email follow up care and advice

  • refreshments

  • 100% guaranteed to improve your running efficiency (money back if for whatever reason you aren't satisfied).

Early Bird Discount:

Clare Cross Fit 5451 - $90 if paid by 24th March 2019

Payment Options:

To confirm your place, once you have signed up online, please pay:

  • via direct deposit

Daniel O'Grady     Commonwealth Bank BSB: 06 2692   //    Account number: 2245 0316

Class size strictly limited, book now so you don't miss out.

Click here to reserve your place online. 

Questions to:  dan@kinfolkwellness.com.au or calling 1300 657 813


Here's what our past participants are saying:

"So impressed with the workshop and the E-book....huge thanks Dan!  I did a short (3km) run on the treadmill yesterday using the metronome and it felt amazing! My run felt light and springy and took the pressure off my lower back. Can't wait to experiment with this more! :)"

- Kylie

"If you are a runner and you want to improve your technique and core strength, this workshop really helps!"

- Ian

"Thanks Dan for running the workshop on the weekend.  I've been a student of movement my whole life (acrobatics 30 yrs, physio 13 yrs, yoga 5 yrs) and I still came away with SO MUCH cool new info to put into practice"

- Triton

"Fantastic class, demonstrating good exercises for building your core strength, resilience and preventing injury"

- Anna

“I started seeing Dan during my training for upcoming marathons to help with my lower back pain.  Dan was very good at identifying the root of the problem and treating it successfully.  He helped my training immensely almost pretty much from the first treatment so much so that I did much better at my marathons than ever expected.  A real professional, great at his job. Thanks Dan!”

- Ewa

"Get some great tips from an expert"


"It was great to give you the foundations you need to get running safely. And the snacks are good too!"

- Kristine

"Great teacher! Great location! Come and learn about your body & how to move well! Thank-you!"

- Simon

"It was perfect"

- Angela

"Very practical and hands-on, provides useful tips you can use"

- Nathan

"The workshop was very practical with information that can be used straight away to improve my running"

- Emma

"Highly recommend for new & experienced runners"

- Xan

"GREAT workshop focused on the fundamentals and keeping your body healthy while training and how to avoid injuries."

- Anna

"It is an excellent workshop to learn about basic foundation to running and core strengthening exercises"

- Nicki

"Great for learning the basics of running"

- Lance

"Very informative, practical and well worth the time and money"

- Andrew

"Do it if you want to improve your running"

- Annabell

"Relaxed and friendly environment and lot's of helpful info"

- Jane

"Detailed.  Information.  Now I know how to run"

- Dave

"Very worthwhile and value for money.  Dan demonstrates the exercises and why they are beneficial.  He also explains the gait of the runner and how to improve posture"

- Sharon

"Really great pre-hab so you can run for many years"

- Claire

"I never realised how important core strength is to running - and I really enjoyed learning about the mechanics of running. It wall all new to me. Thank-you! "

- Rachel

"Worth doing to better equip yourself with an overall understanding to help meet your running goals. Good foundation "

- Penny


Dan O'Grady is a results driven qualified Physiotherapist and member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  Dan has a special interest in helping runners stay injury free and perform at their best.  He has been working in private practice for 15 years and is passionate about helping people to move better, feel better and get back to doing what they love.