KIN Foundation


'Bridging the gap between injury and performance'

Research tells us the biggest risk factor for an injury is a previous injury. 

Pain and injury leads to compensatory movement patterning that helps us get through the short term but isn't an ideal long term solution. 

KIN Foundation brings the elite methods of training, movement therapy and body awareness from Dan O'Grady's 15 years as a Physiotherapist working with athletes in Australia and New York.  

We have studied the breadth of scientific research from the world’s leading authorities to design a comprehensive approach to build strength and enable clients with pain or injuries to build the necessary foundation to promote health. 

We teach you how to build resilience in your body from the inside out.

“Exercise is something you do, movement is something you feel”

By learning the principles of dynamic core alignment, you will create a solid foundation that naturally leads to optimal performance in sport and life. 

This class will provide you with a great workout and you'll learn how to release tension and improve your co-ordination whilst enhancing performance in other fields of exercise.

"KIN Foundation is high intensity and low impact - the perfect exercise to keep you feeling balanced, strong and energetic"

This class is designed to complement the hands-on work from your Physio, Chiro or massage therapist.

KIN Foundation Pilates is designed to truly encompass a top down (neuroplastic) and a bottom up (physical movement) based approach to therapy.

KIN is an acronym for:

  • Kinesthetic (optimising sensory input to sharpen body maps in the brain)

  • Integrative (having uniting and positive effect on all systems of the body)

  • Neuro-muscular (fine tuning the muscle-brain connection for optimal movement efficiency)

KIN Foundation - Nutritious Movement For Your Body - 'Energize, Move & Restore'

Class details:

Mondays @ Fullarton Park Community Center

7:30pm - 8:30pm. Please arrive 5-10 mins early to prepare for your class.

Limited spaces available. Reserve your place now.

Mats, foam rollers, balls and all other equipment is supplied.  All you need is a water bottle.

Each class has a different theme but all include foam rolling to improve flexibility, core strengthening as well as exercises to help improve awareness of your body and enhance relaxation. 


How To Start:

Step 1:

Our Initial Assessment takes a thorough and holistic view of the way your body is moving and performing.

We will look at your posture, breathing, movement patterns, core control, flexibility, past injuries and other aspects of your life that may be affecting your body.

This way we can get a full and accurate picture of what is happening and we can tailor a program to suit your individual needs, leading to the best possible outcome. 

This also provides us with a good understanding of what your current physical capacity is, as well as how you will respond to our program.

We then work with you to develop a plan for a long term strategy not just a short term fix.

You will be set up with a personalised home exercise program (set up with videos on your phone) that will complement the group class format.

To be able to claim Group Physio classes on your health insurance, we need to perform this initial assessment and is claimable under code 500.

Step 2:

Book Your Class using our easy online booking system here or email

*please note you must book your initial assessment prior to your first class


5 class pack = $150 (3 month expiry)

10 class pack = $275 (6 month expiry)

Single class pass = $30 (depending if availability, priority goes to those who purchase a class pack)

*Each class is claimable under back on your private insurance (Physiotherapy Group Class - class code 560).

What people are saying:

"The class is very relaxed, casual & fun, and has a very holistic approach covering stretching, flexibility & breathing exercises.

Dan is very encouraging & approachable"

- Rachel

"Great weekly opportunity to stretch and strengthen"

- Nicki

"Gentle class that is great for strengthening"

- Chris

"Helped dramatically improve my posture that eliminated my chronic neck back pain. 

Thanks Dan!"

- Sue

"Good class to learn more about your body and optimise your core strength"

- Virginia