3 Biggest Mistakes Starting A New Fitness Routine And What To Do Instead

Hope you had a great Christmas and new year break!

Do you have any special health and fitness goals for 2017? The start of the year is always a great time to make some positive changes and start feeling good.

Today I wanted to share with you a few tips to help make your 2017 a healthy (and injury free) year.

Mistake 1.  Not getting started. Most of us know what to do. It's the DOING part that can be tough! 


Start with small steps - it might be a 10 minute walk after dinner or parking your car as far as you can from the entrance of the shops. Also commit to meet a friend (or join us here) and you'll have less chance of backing out. Find something you can do that's fun and doesn't necessarily feel like exercise. Once you get a taste of how good it feels to move your body, the motivation comes easy. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu

Mistake 2.  Doing too much too soon.

Some of us go the other way and have massive amounts of motivation. This can overwhelm our bodies capacity and lead to injuries and a frustrating cycle of pain and inactivity.  We can forget that our bodies aren't getting any younger and it does take longer for recovery. 

Channel your motivation and pace yourself by gradually increasing your intensity and time by no more than 10% per week. Also focus on recovery and building your foundation through foam roller stretches and core strengthening Pilates exercises. The better your foundation, the less likely you'll end up needing treatment.

Mistake 3.  Not listening to your body and getting checked out early when something doesn't feel right. 

Get on top of your niggles early. Being proactive and getting educated early on in the process can save you a lot of frustration down the track.  A small tweak is often all that's required to get you back on track and feeling your best.



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