Achilles Tendon Treatment In Adelaide

Achilles Tendon pain is common in distance runners who have increased their load (e.g. speed, hills or distance) too quickly.

Often minor symptoms gradually turn into something more serious that starts to limit your activity and you start to worry if you're doing more damage to the tendon, or possibly even rupturing it.

Common symptoms of achilles pain include:

  • pain and stiffness in the back of the heel (particularly in the morning)

  • pain when you first start running that tends to improve or disappear after you warm-up

  • often there is a 24 hour delay where you will feel pain the day after you've exercised

Several biomechanical factors have been associated with Achilles tendinopathy including increased or decreased dorsiflexion range of motion and poor running technique (e.g. overstride, excessive dorsiflexion in midstance).  Some evidence also suggests a link between gluteal strength and achilles problems.

Treatments that we know don't work:

  • complete rest

  • excessive stretching

  • cortisone injections

  • surgery

How we help you:

  1. Give you an accurate diagnosis and identify relevant contributing factors

  2. Bring rapid relief through the use of innovative manual therapy techniques (that don't involve medication or surgery)

  3. Educate and empower you to keep your achilles healthy in the long run with a personalised home exercise program


Stage 1: Diagnose

The involves a 1 hour Initial Assessment, involving taking a full history, movement screening and testing your current capacity.  We aim to address all of the contributing factors that may be limiting your ability to get better.  After your assessment, we'll formulate a personal rehabilitation plan to address your needs and you'll receive a detailed written report.


Stage 2: Treat

This stage involves a short burst of treatment to decrease pain and inflammation as well as prepare the muscles and achilles tendon for the most important stage 3.  This may involve a combination of massage, dry needling, home exercises and taping. 


Stage 3: Re-Load

This stage is the most critical  for the long term health of your achilles.  We work with you closely to build a personalised re-loading program (with videos delivered to your smartphone via our PhysiApp).  This stage involves successfully transitioning you back to your chosen sport or exercise you love.

Don't delay your treatment...

The occasional ache or pain may be nothing to worry about, but failing to pay attention to strong pain may end up causing you a lot of problems in the future. If achilles pain is reducing your ability to take part in the activities your normally do, then it is time to get it looked at. In general, chronic achilles pain that is worse in the morning and that is affecting your life is a sign that something is wrong.

A serious problem will not correct itself, and left untreated, can result in more pain and irreversible damage. 


If you think we are the right fit for you and you wish to get relief right away, use our simple online booking system to make an appointment.  If you would prefer to speak to us directly,  call us 1300 657 813


Dan O'Grady is a results driven qualified Physiotherapist and member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  Dan has a special interest in treating runners with achilles tendon pain.  He has been working in private practice for 15 years with (over 20,000 patient consults). He is passionate about helping people to move better, feel better and get back to doing what they love.