Physical activity, guided by a Physiotherapist. 

At Kinfolk we believe a team approach gives you the best outcome.  We will work closely with your GP, a psychologist and dietitian to empower you to find your ideal weight in a healthy and sustained way.

Early in your weight loss journey your motivation may be high but sometimes carrying extra weight means you are more likely to over-strain and injure your tissues.  This can sometimes lead to a cycle of inactivity, depression and over-eating.  Following our 3 step process will help keep you on track physically and mentally.

Step 1 -  Get Assessed

Our initial assessment includes testing your:

- flexibility
- core strength
- endurance
- movement patterns
- past injury assessment

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Step 2 - Gradually Increase Physical Activity

Once we have performed an assessment, we can then build a personalised exercise plan for you, taking into account your goals and current level of fitness.  We focus on gradually building up your physical activity and learn to exercise smarter, not harder. 


Step 3 - Monitor and Treat Symptoms

As you progress through a program, your physio will be by your side and in constant communication.  We will make modifications to your program as needed.  Importantly, we will be able to advise and treat any aches and pains that may arise as you become more active.  This will help you to maintain motivation and see results quickly. 

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