Take Your Health and Fitness To The Next Level...

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe" - Abraham Lincoln

If you are wanting to get your healing journey on the fast track, then this is the investment for you.

One of the problems with Physiotherapy Consultations is that they are too short.  This means there is an incomplete picture of the overall function of the body, leading to a focus on short term relief of symptoms.  This leads to continually 'putting out spot fires' that can go on for weeks, months and years.  This can take a toll on the patient - physically, emotionally and financially.  

The motivation behind this industry disrupting approach is that we want to SAVE YOU TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY by getting to the direct source of your problems once and for all.  

UNIQUE to Kinfolk Wellness and based on 20 years of studying health, fitness and clinical rehab, the Movement and Wellness Discovery Session is a thorough assessment built on functional health, neuroscience, evolutionary principles, systems biology and modern technology.   Everything is CONNECTED and we aim to piece the puzzle together for you in way that motivates you to take action in improving your health.

It incorporates elements of the Functional Movement Screen used by major NFL, NBA and baseball teams in the USA.  

We analyse over 30 bio markers of health, fitness and wellbeing, measuring you against the average.  

This helps us create a baseline and provides direction and motivation to achieve your health goals and identify potential risk of injury and advice on prevention.  

You will receive a detailed report and individualized advice and exercise corrective prescription.



  • identify your 'weak links'
  • thoroughly investigate all body systems with movement analysis being the center piece
  • get to the 'root cause' of your problem
  • empower yourself and take control of your body and it's healing process
  • develop a plan of attack, centered around an effective, manageable home practice
  • x-rays, MRI's or ultrasounds can be ordered if required
  • save $1000's in doctors in therapists fees by being proactive about building your health (& not constantly reacting to spot fires)
  • referral for health improvement activities e.g. gym, yoga, pilates and claim back on your health insurance ($150-$250 depending on your cover)
  • continued follow up advice and email support

The Movement and Wellness Screen Is A 7 Part Process:

1.  History and interview - find about you, previous and current injuries, goals and expectations

2.  Physiotherapy assessment - special joint tests, soft tissue palpation, posture analysis, EMG muscle testing

3.  Functional Movement Screen Video Analysis - core strength, flexibility and movement patterns

4.  Neurological reflexes, breathing pattern, heart rate variability, body image quality

5.  Cardio-respiratory - blood pressure, heart rate, endurance step-test

6.  Endocrinology - blood glucose test

7.  Review of findings and plan of action


Investment: $250* for 2 hour assessment, full report and comprehensive personalised home exercise program.

*Physiotherapy Rebate Available (Code 500)


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