Foam Roller Guide


Foam Roller Guide

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One of the side effects of exercise is increased muscle tone. Left unchecked, this can lead to formation of trigger points and knots in the muscles that can reduce flexibility and eventually cause pain.

Using a foam roller on a regular basis is an effective way to maintain your tissues, improve body awareness and build a solid foundation for a healthy active life. 

This unique guide will teach you how to:

  • maintain flexibility

  • improve core strength

  • enhance body awareness

  • restore the nervous system and activate the para-sympathetic healing process

  • keep your body tuned up

  • optimize recovery time

  • achieve your physical potential

Specifically, you will learn how to use the foam roller to build a solid physical foundation so you can enjoy an active, pain free lifestyle - naturally and medication free.

Also learn about:

  • the top 5 MISTAKES when using the foam roller, and how to prevent them

  • the most effective time to use the foam roller and how often to get the best results

  • how to use the foam roller to relax deeply and improve your sleep

  • warnings and special safety tips

Feedback and comments from past participants

"I learned a lot about the foam roller and how to use it safely." - Michelle

"Workshop was great.  Good pace." - Andrew

"Friendly and inviting." - Sarah

"Be prepared to work everything using the foam roller (not just the legs and back like I was expecting)." - Karen

"Very informative." - Rob

"Excellent explanations, well-paced, delivered in a good environment and accompanied by clearly illustrated and written supporting documentation. Would definitely recommend." - Grant

Learning these techniques will change your life!

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