The Resilient Runner E-Book: 7 Steps To Running Pain Free

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The Resilient Runner E-Book: 7 Steps To Running Pain Free

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We can make the mistake of assuming running comes naturally, without thinking too much about it.  Until our bodies break down and we are in pain; THAT gets our attention!

Running pain-free is a high level skill and a product of a solid physical foundation.

This comprehensive 80 page E-Book will teach you about how to become a resilient and more efficient runner, guaranteed.

What you will learn in the book comes directly from Physiotherapist Daniel O'Grady's 15+ years of helping runners become more efficient and less prone to injury. 

Daniel has spent many years treating runners and studying the research on how and why they get injured.  This e-book contains a very practical and evidence-based plan of attack to build your foundation and ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment in your running career.

This book is a result of many thousands of hours research and testing with hundreds of runners around Australia and the USA. 

And the good works!

Instantly download your PDF now and start your journey towards becoming a Resilient Runner.

Here's what other people are saying:

"So impressed with the the E-book....huge thanks Dan!  I did a short (3km) run on the treadmill yesterday using the metronome and it felt amazing! My run felt light and springy and took the pressure off my lower back. Can't wait to experiment with this more! :)"

- Kylie

"If you are a runner and you want to improve your technique and core strength, this book really helps!"

- Ian

"Thanks Dan.  I've been a student of movement my whole life (acrobatics 30 yrs, physio 13 yrs, yoga 5 yrs) and I still came away with SO MUCH cool new info to put into practice"

- Triton

"Fantastic book, demonstrating good exercises for building your core strength, resilience and preventing injury"

- Anna

“I started seeing Dan during my training for upcoming marathons to help with my lower back pain.  Dan was very good at identifying the root of the problem and treating it successfully.  He helped my training immensely almost pretty much from the first treatment so much so that I did much better at my marathons than ever expected.  A real professional, great at his job. Thanks Dan!”

- Ewa

"Get some great tips from an expert"


"It was great to give you the foundations you need to get running safely."

- Kristine

"It was perfect"

- Angela

"Very practical and hands-on, provides useful tips you can use"

- Nathan

"Highly recommend for new & experienced runners"

- Xan

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