A scientifically proven path to recovery.

Pain, injuries and stress take their toll on our bodies.  Compensations place considerable strain on our muscles and joints, reducing our ability to move, play and enjoy our bodies. 

This class will bring you back into balance, improve your flexibility, develop your core strength and create movement efficiency.  With improved body awareness you will create the physical capacity to enjoy your life and get all of the benefits out of movement and exercise. 


Our Pilates class starts with warm-up, followed by mobility work with a foam roller and then exercises to generate core muscle activation throughout the body.  We finish our class with a few minutes of quiet relaxation.  All of our classes are run without music so you have the best chance developing mindfulness in your practice.

The exercises are based on traditional Pilates principles, and infused with Dan's experience as a Physiotherapist treating thousands of people with musculoskeletal and orthopaedic pain problems. 

Ultimately the goal is to optimize your movement quality and build resilience so that you can handle your daily challenges with ease and enjoyment.

Each week has a specific focus, such as:

1.  Relaxation

2.  Breathing

3.  Neutral spine

4.  Core strength

5.  Awareness


Who is it For // an open class for anyone who is interested in building a solid foundation and preventing injuries.  Class size is strictly limited, allowing for close supervision.

**All participants must attend a free 30 minute 1:1 Pilates Assessment with Dan before starting class.  Reserve your place here.

Who is Running It // Physiotherapist Daniel O'Grady

Where// Fullarton Park Community Center, (Lounge Room)

When //  Every Wednesday 7pm-8pm

Cost //  $275* for 10 classes.  6 month expiry.   $30* single class.

*Health insurance rebate is available.  Please check with your health fund to determine the exact rebate (Physiotherapy Group Class, code 560)  You must attend a free 1:1 Pilates Assessment to be eligible for health insurance benefits.  Reserve your place here.

10 week class fee INCLUDES:

  • a complimentary 30 minute Assessment and Pilates fundamentals session.  This will be used to set your baseline and refine your Pilates technique.  This will also help us to get to know you better and achieve the best outcome possible.  This is performed at our clinic at 2/385 Fullarton Road, Fullarton (inside Equal-ibrium 4 Health next to Joggers World).  Book online here. 
  • all equipment is supplied
  • ongoing email/phone support

Class size is strictly limited.  Bookings are Essential

To find out more, please contact Dan:

1300 657 813 //