As Adelaide's KNEE PAIN experts, we find ourselves repeating the same 7 tips to knee pain sufferers all the time, so we decided to create this free report to help get you on the fast track to getting you back to doing what you love.

We all experience knee pain at some point, whether its training for a half-marathon, climbing the stairs or simply just sitting with your knee bent.  Knee pain is VERY common.  The problem is once your knee is strained,  it often goes into protective mode. 

This is where the outer quadriceps, ITB, hamstrings and calf simultaneously get tight, whilst the inner knee stabiliser (VMO) and glutes tend to switch off. 

Don't let knee pain stop you in your tracks!

Don't let knee pain stop you in your tracks!

This can lead to pressure on the kneecap (patella) and in some cases can outlast the original injury.  This muscle imbalance can be difficult to overcome on your own and possibly become chronic but there is definitely something you can do.

Click the button below to download the free report now and you'll discover:

  • the most common (but little known) cause of knee pain
  • 7 ways to get you moving pain-free...without medication!
  • how to relieve knee stiffness with a simple 5 minute routine
  • strategies to prevent the pain from returning for good

We believe education is KEY in understanding in your knee pain.  Once you understand WHY your knee is hurting, you will have the power to begin the healing process.

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