We specialize in helping runners stay injury free and reach their personal best!

We can make the mistake of assuming running comes naturally, without thinking too much about it.  Until our bodies break down and we are in pain; that gets our attention!

Running pain-free is a high level skill and a product of a solid physical foundation. 

Running well is part art and part science; a balance of intuition and logic.  Listening to your body becomes a form of meditation and mindfulness skills are developed in the process. 

Our running analysis begins with understanding of you as a person; your running history and your goals and expectations. 

The running assessment uses slow motion video analysis to carefully evaluate your running form.  We use a checklist to identify the most common biomechanical errors. 

Some of the things we look for are:

  • alignment and posture

  • foot landing position

  • cadence

  • vertical efficiency

  • step length

  • pelvic and core control

  • lower limb flexibility

  • single leg stance control

  • overall efficiency

  • core strength

  • functional movement testing

Once we have figured out what is going on with your running, we will give you a written plan - full of advice, education and exercises to help you become an efficient, strong and injury-free runner.  We don't try and dramatically change your running technique, but instead focus on building your foundation and improve efficiency.  If you are new to running, check out our blog for tips on how to go from couch to 10k.


What's Involved

  • 1 hour evaluation

  • detailed video of you running

  • full muscular and biomechanical assessment

  • written summary of findings and recommendations

  • videos sent to you via email

  • individualized exercise program

  • follow-up advice and care

Benefits of the Running Assessment

  • improved awareness of gait and body mechanics

  • improved running technique and efficiency

  • decreased injury risk

  • learning how to run faster while staying more relaxed


  • 60 minutes

  • $150

Who is conducting the assessment?

  • Physiotherapist Dan O'Grady has worked with runners from around the world including ultra-marathoners and weekend warriors.

  • Dan worked with Robert De Castella's Indigenous Marathon Project at the 2013 New York City Marathon.

  • A keen runner himself, Dan ran the New York City marathon in 2015.

  • Check out a behind the scenes video here

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