All runners experience knee pain at some point, whether its training for a half-marathon or starting out on your first 5km. 

Knee pain is common.

The problem is once your knee is strained, it often goes into protective mode.

This is where the outer quadriceps, ITB, hamstrings and calf simultaneously get tight, whilst the inner knee stabiliser (VMO) and glutes tend to switch off.

This can lead to pressure on the kneecap (patella) and in some cases can outlast the original injury.

Here you have 2 options:

(1) Accept you have 'bad' knees and that running is not 'good' for them


(2) Learn about how your body works and implement very practical and highly effective self-management strategies that will get you back to running, pain-free. 

We guarantee making a positive difference in your knee pain in this special workshop (if you don't learn anything useful, we will happily refund your money).

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop isn't for all runners with knee pain.

However, if you have the following symptoms there is a high chance we can help you:

  • You're over 30 and getting nagging knee pain that's stopping you from enjoying a run or hike
  • You find your knee getting achy and stiff while sitting
  • Using stairs has become an issue due to pain
  • You have trouble squatting or kneeling due to pain
  • You are concerned that running is damaging your knees and you will end up with arthritis
  • You've tried the usual Physio with only very temporary relief
  • You're proactive and want a highly effective set of tools to look after your knees for the long term - without relying on medication or surgery.


    Knee pain workshop includes:

    1. Self-Assessment

    Perform a movement assessment to identify your key weak links.

    2. Exercise Program

    Based on your assessment, personalised exercise plans will be developed so you can proactively address your knee pain.

    3. E-Book

    '7 Steps to a Pain Free Knee' - a reference guide with pictures and instructions.

    4.  Follow up advice and support via phone / email

    More specifically, you will learn about:

    • the anatomy of the knee
    • the common causes of knee pain in runners
    • how to balance the muscles to decrease the stress on your knee joint
    • how to re-educate your nervous system and muscles to work properly again, bringing your knee into optimal alignment
    • how the ankle, hip and core are involved in ongoing knee pain and strategies to address this
    • how to minimise the chance of developing arthritis in your knees
    • running efficiency tips to decrease the load on your knee
    • how to maintain longevity in your running career

    Who is this workshop NOT suitable for?

    • any acute knee injuries - please see your doctor and physio
    • any condition where exercise is contra-indicated

    Who is running it?

    Physio Daniel O'Grady, owner Kinfolk Physiotherapy & Wellness. Dan has treated thousands of people with knee pain successfully over the years and is keen to share his knowledge with you.  He suffered a career ending knee injury when playing football in his early 20's. Over the years he developed a series of exercises that not only took away his knee pain, but strengthened it so that he was able to run the New York City marathon in 2015 (and on track to run in 2017).  Find out more about Dan here.

    When and where is it being held?

    Fullarton Park Community Centre

    (Parkview Room, enter through main door)

    Refreshments supplied after the workshop

    Saturday August 12th August 2017

    3pm - 4: 30pm

    To reserve your place, please follow these 2 steps:

    1.  Book online via this link

    Please click on 'Group Bookings' and scroll across to August 2017

    2.  Preferred payment via direct deposit

    Commonwealth Bank BSB: 06 2692   //    Account number: 2245 0316

    Payment can also be made in person at Kinfolk Physiotherapy & Wellness 2/385 Fullarton Road, Fullarton

    Cost: $49

    Feedback from past participants:

    "Practical workshop that helped me to identify what I need to do, not just generic info!" - Jennifer

    "The workshop helped me identify areas that need strengthening and that will make a difference" - Annette

    "Great understanding and communication of knee issues - great to find about the cause and effect" - Peter

    "I enjoyed learning about the anatomy of the muscles that are related to knee function.  It made sense in relation to my knee issues" - Barbara

    "Friendly and helpful overall" - Ian


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