- chronic pain

- widespread muscular tightness, in particular the hip flexors, neck and shoulders and TMJ (jaw clenching e.t.c.)

- constipation, poor digestion and food allergies

- poor recovery from exercise

- irritability, depression, insomnia and anxiety, panic attacks

- immune related disorders- high blood pressure, diabetes, auto-immune disorders


You are most likely suffering from an imbalanced nervous system!

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Find out

- how these conditions are linked

- the underlying cause




When pain has been present for more than 3 months, it is termed chronic and a more holistic approach should be considered.  Chronic pain is a complex state and your treatment approach must be multi-factorial.  

Three months is generally the amount of time needed for healing of the tissues to take place.  After this time, the nervous system becomes sensitised and there is ongoing perceived threat in both the body and the mind.  This threat leads to a sympathetic dominant state, characterized by pain and increased muscular tension.

A key point to remember is that in chronic pain, the tissues are not damaged 'structurally'.  In the words of David Butler, in chronic pain, "we don't treat anatomy - we treat physiology."  In other words, we must take a whole body systems approach, including addressing:

  • cardio-respiratory system
  • central nervous system
  • peripheral nervous system
  • digestive system
  • endocrine system
  • musculo-sketeal system
  • immune system

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Pain is complex.  Education is critical and this new book, The Protectometer is a hand-book written for those who are experiencing chronic pain.  The book offers new hope through education, designed by Adelaide based researchers David Butler (NeuroOrthopaedic Institute) and Lorimer Mosely (Body in Mind)