avoid knee replacement

The Number 1 Risk Factor For Developing Knee Arthritis

A new study has shown there is likely to be a 276 per cent rise in knee replacement procedures from 2013 to 2030 (based on data from Australia's joint replacement registry).

Pretty staggering ! 😱

The biggest risk factor for knee arthritis leading to a total knee replacement is being overweight, which overtime stresses the knee joints (70% of Aussies are overweight).

This article talks about your options, especially if you want to avoid surgery.

Main points πŸ’₯

βœ… Gradually increase your activity levels and incorporate targeted strengthening exercises to build the muscles around the knees.

βœ… This can make them stronger, help to maintain appropriate co-ordination and reduce pain.

βœ… Don't be fearful of exercise and movement, even if you do feel some pain. Pain doesn't equal damage.

βœ… Running πŸ’―% does not cause knee arthritis. On the contrary, runners have less chance of developing arthritis because they generally not overweight.

βœ… Consult with your GP and Physiotherapist who can develop a customised plan to get you moving well again.

βœ… Individual movement assessment can help you identify your weak links and help get you on the fast track.

βœ… For more info about how Physio can help with your knee pain and get you moving well again πŸ‘‡